​​​​​​Face coverings: We need to wear a face cover when entering and exiting the facility (when it’s possible we won’t be able to maintain social distancing), while ordering from the Cuda Shack and when interacting with the staff. You will not be allowed entrance without one.  

Social Distancing on the Lawn: Maintain 10 feet of separation when setting up your chairs. We are required to maintain at least 10 feet of separation from people not in your household. To help with this, please grab a “10-foot pole” when you come out of the bath house and use it to measure your separation when you set up your chairs.

Social Distancing in the Pool:  Free Swim is allowed! Have fun, but maintain 10 feet of physical distance from those not in your household while doing so.

Health Screening: We are required to conduct a health screening of  everyone entering the club.  The most private and efficient way of doing that is for every member to present the completed 
Springboard Pool Health Screening Form for everyone in your party each time you visit the pool.  Print out a few copies and keep them in your car or pool bag.  

Closures: The Clubhouse, baby pool, playground, and slide remain closed. The diving board is open.

Here is what is still not allowed in Phase 3: Proximity. Whether in the pool for free swim, or sunbathing on deck, you must maintain social distance.   Ten feet of space is required from those not in your household, both on deck, and in the pool.

The pool operating policies and procedures were developed to ensure our full compliance with the VDH guidance.  The VDH has emphasized they remain concerned about the forceful exhalation of respiratory droplets during exercise (thus the 10 ft distance rather than 6ft).  The public health orders in the VDH guidelines are enforceable via injunction or by a Class One misdemeanor charge. An injunction could lead to the closure of the pool. Obviously, we do not want the pool to be closed. With this in mind, we ask you to take compliance with these rules and procedures seriously. Please read and follow the above rules and procedures and comply with directions given by our lifeguards. 

​(703) 719-7359

6500 Deepford Street, Springfield, VA 22150, USA

​​​We understand the current guidance for pools  is far from a normal Springboard experience for our members. The Springboard Board Directors is committed to providing access to the pool to benefit as many members as possible and in any capacity possible within the guidelines recommended. Please know that all decisions have been made after countless hours of meetings and consultation with numerous others to ensure we are functioning within all guidelines, while also providing access to members. Patience, tolerance and understanding during this season are paramount to our success.  Let's keep each other safe and healthy!

Phase 3  Reminders 
Capacity and Sign ups: Our total capacity has increased from 50 to 100. Sign ups will be reserved for weekends and holidays only, in 2-hour time blocks (subject to change).  To make a reservation, log into your 
Member Splash account and click "Pool Reservations" on the top banner of the page.  Click your desired time slot and make a reservation for whomever is planning to come to the pool.  If you find that your plans change, please remove your sign up so that others may enjoy the pool.